Let me start off by saying how silly and awkward I feel writing this post.

It feels strange to give you a list of insignificant things about me. HOWEVER. I love reading posts like this on other people’s blogs and I kinda feel like it will be interesting, so here are 25 random facts about me. I truly hope you enjoy…

1. I adore fuzzy socks. I’ll never have enough

2. I really enjoy painting walls

3. The smell of warm almond milk makes me smile

4. I have little control around chocolate chips. Can’t stop, won’t stop

5. I swam competitively for 12 years

6. I could easily live off of oatmeal

7. I find belly buttons extremely odd and a little gross

8. I hate tomatoes

9. I have the stupidest humor (Example) <Funniest video I’ve ever seen

10. Ryan Reynolds is and will always be my celeb crush

11. 27 Dresses and A Walk to Remember are my favorite movies

12. I’ve never seen Star Wars

13. I have a dish-buying obsession

14. I love puzzles

15. Michael W. Smith and Phillip Phillips are my favorite artists

16. I played the saxophone for a month

17. I once wore a ball gown to school

197263_436312153097557_410423723_n You better bet I won best costume award! :)

18. I was Jessie from Toy Story in a parade for band (As in, I marched 3 miles playing flute in a Disney costume)

IMG_0581Sorry for the flipped pic!

19. I love High School Musical (No shame)

20. I don’t much like the movie “The Notebook”

21. I always put chapstick on after brushing my teeth. Always.

22. I once got a fortune cookie with no fortune in it. And another with no cookie. Or fortune. :(

23. I couldn’t live in a world without PB. Surprised?

24. I’ve had approximately 15 fillings (counting baby teeth…)

25. I secretly really wish my nose was pierced (sorry mom)

And now you know 25 random things about me! Tomorrow– Healthy Chocolate PB Breakfast Muffins coming your way. Hooray!


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