Eating Together

I wanted to share something that’s been on my heart tonight. I know I promised a recipe for cookies today, but they are still in progress. Please, forgive me. What’s that? You wouldn’t make them right now anyway because it’s 2:30 in the morning? Right…

Friends, I wanted to discuss with you the idea of eating together.

Sharing a meal with your loved ones goes so much further than what is on the table in front of you. When you eat a meal with the people you love and cherish, it brings you closer in a way that nothing else can. 

That’s why I love food so much. It’s not just the taste (Read: It’s a big part of it) but the experience, the process. Eating is a gift to be celebrated, no matter what it is you’re having. 

Now, bear with me here… If preparing food/eating was be a love language, I would fall under its category. I show my love by cooking for people. (Note: Of course, that’s not the only way I show love, but that’s beside the point)

Think about it. What do you do when you go on a first date? Have dinner. Talk with friends about life? Coffee. Even scripturally, Jesus shared what with His disciples before His death? A meal. Bread and wine. Humans bond in a unique way over it.  

Now, I realize that our world often abuses food. Gluttony, lack thereof, diets, binge eating. The list goes on. But the truth is that we are blessed to have the opportunities to share meals with the ones we love, and we should cherish that and not abuse the gift.


What do you think? Do you celebrate eating together with the ones you love?

Just a little food for thought < ;)


6 thoughts on “Eating Together”

  1. This is really great. :) My family was just talking about this recently. Food is such a blessing, and we shouldn’t just disregard that gift. But so many of us distractedly eat as we watch TV, or read, or whatever. Instead we should spend that time with people we love and thanking God for what He has given us. :D

  2. ….and I loved this particular meal in the picture. We were visiting you…parents weekend and your birthday. We planned and shopped for the meal together then cooked and ate at our little kitchen at the resort in Idaho. A really dear time together. Love you L!

  3. Well said. There’s something very special about sitting at table together. Thanks for sharing these thoughts – I’m glad you sense this gift. Miss you.

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