Sweet Green Beans

I’ll send you over to Undressed Skeleton for this recipe. I’m sure you could switch these up with substituting the sesame seeds for almonds, or maybe walnuts?

This recipe is great for the holidays, but be prepared–they’re SWEET! And delicious. Try them! :)

4 thoughts on “Sweet Green Beans”

  1. Wow, so funny! Ever since you commented on my blog, I have been wondering where I had seen you before. You looked so familiar! We'll after going through your blog I finally realized it. I found your blog through Undressed Skeleton a while ago. It think it was called gloryinaction though. I saw it a comment. Anyway, the mystery is solved! I thought it was funny… :) I really like your blog, you seem so nice! By the way, how old are you? And what are you studying for?

  2. Ha, that's great! Yeah, I love Tara's blog, she is so inspiring! My blog was called glory in action then, but I changed it about a month ago :)Thank you! I'm 18 and currently studying Elem Ed, but considering changing to Nutrition.

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