Ahhhh, sweet routine.

So as you all know, I just started my first year of college last week. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be different.

From the courses I’m taking, to being away from home, to sharing a room, it’s absolutely… different.

I’m finally feeling as though I’m settling into somewhat of a routine, and am able to balance my academic, church, blog, and social life! And as I start this journey, I’ll be sharing tons from fun experiences to tips about college to my favorite… HEALTHY EATING :)

I would like to share a few pictures from my first week here, many more to come! :)

Charlie Peachock from America’s Got Talent!
Jon Foremann from Switchfoot 

My awesome roommate Beth! 

Lawn Dance!

First Tailgate (notice the photo bombers?)

GO Bucs!!

First dorm dinner (more on this later)
My bed on the left

Roomies! :D

Beth’s bed

P. S. I’m living in my mom’s old room!!!! SO crazy!!