Weekend Welcomes

Happy weekend!!!! Hooray! 
I hope you had a very productive week this week, because it’s time to sit back and enjoy some rest and rejuvenation. My week was relatively stressful, full of exams and lots of reading homework. BUT I can’t complain, college is flippin’ great.
I’d like to talk about treating yourself. If you live a healthy lifestyle, full of exercise, healthy eating and positive thoughts, kudos to you! One big aspect of living a balanced life is treating yourself to the things you love. This can be interpreted in many ways: rewarding yourself for a job well done, comforting after a hard day, de-stressing before a test, the list goes on…
Up until recently, I thought that whenever I treated myself, I was jumping off the healthy wagon and giving up. I thought that because I had a piece of cake or cookies that I was breaking my cycle. But it’s quite the opposite. In order to maintain balance and continue reaching your health goals, you need to enjoy the things you love. When you don’t have them everyday, they seem that much better! It’s all about finding your balance when it comes to treating yourself. Maybe a couple M&M’s doesn’t suffice your sweet tooth, have some more! By all means, in order to stay healthy you have to fully enjoy your treat days.
I say this because today was my “treat myself” day. I had a very productive week and was ready to indulge in the things I love. For me, that doesn’t only mean food! I love to read health blogs. After my last class today, I welcomed the weekend by getting my fuzzy blanket, computer, popcorn and reese’s pieces and treated myself in those ways!
Hello weekend :)
On a side note–
Pumpkin Spice Latte– yes, it’s fall!

Enjoy your weekend, soak it all up and indulge in your favorite things! 


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