5 Ingredient Healthy Virgin Margarita


Although summer is coming to a close rapidly, I wanted to share this great recipe for a virgin margarita. This drink is perfect for a summer evening or even any time of the day!

Obviously I am not yet of age, so this recipe is lacking alcohol but could easily be altered to make it alcoholic as you wish :-).

I had asked my dad (as a joke) to make me a margarita a couple weeks ago, but of course we don’t just have mix laying around the house, so he took it as a challenge to make one from scratch. He told me to go outside while he made it and he came out with this super upscale drink, completed with the glass and salt on the rim!:) I really couldn’t ask for a better dad..

1/2 cup orange juice
splash of grapefruit juice
lime ice (squeezed lime juice frozen)
1 packet Truvia
4 ice cubes

Blend everything on high until desired consistency, enjoy in a cup or if you want to get fancy- a margarita glass!

If you want to get even FANCIER– lay a ring of salt on a flat plate. Dip top of margarita glass into water and press salt onto the edge. Makes for a perfect summer treat!

Enjoying one of the many I have made since:)


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