Fettuccine Alfredo?!!!?

Yes. You read that right.

Do you ever crave pasta but would rather opt out of the calorie- laden alfredo sauce and high carb pasta? If you don’t, what planet do you live on?…

Anyway the other night I was feeling rather creative and decided to cook up something with the squash I had. I came across a recipe (click here to find it) and wanted to sub the ingredients for ones a little healthier.

Here are the substitutions I made:
1 tbsp butter….. 1 tbsp ICBINB Light
flour…I used wheat flour
cream cheese…. 1 tbsp non fat greek yogurt
milk… almond milk
salt…. no salt. (no need for it, the cheese is already salty enough)

I followed the rest of the directions how they are and this came out SOOO good. However, mine did not turn out as beautiful as this one. My spaghetti squash exploded in the microwave (laugh at me all you want, I thought it was hilarious :P ) Luckily it tasted fine, and this is the final product:

Forgive me for using the same picture, it was the
only one I snapped before I devoured it!

I stored the rest of the dish in the fridge for a couple days, the color of the sauce turns gross-looking but I promise it tastes just fine! Don’t be scared unless it’s been at the back of your fridge for weeks and you’re just finding it like hidden treasure.. then I would refrain from eating it….

xoxolauren :)

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