Vacay Update!!

 HELLO! I feel like I haven’t blogged in weeks! But no worries, I’m on my A game from here on out. I have been in Disneyland for the past couple days, on a band trip. I had a blast riding all the rides and hanging out with my friends. I won’t bore you with the stories, but I’ve been dying to do this post and share with you all about the awesome time I had. ( bear with me, bc this is a massive post!)

We left on Thursday around 2pm, braced for the long trip ahead of us. The car ride down there wasn’t too bad, as I love road trips and had my pandora on hand:) We stopped at a mcdonalds for dinner, which I of course steered clear of. Last time I tried one of their salads, I was not happy with it although I don’t know why I would have been. Instead, a couple of my friends and I bought some mac and cheese from the gas station and there was nothing good about it (lets just say it was more of a cheese soup).

Friday morning came too quickly, and we headed down to the lobby of our hotel for some b-fast! I was so stoked about it, who doesn’t love hotel breakfasts!? Unfortunately this one didn’t have all the variety I had anticipated or looked forward to. I settled with some yogurt, grapes, oatmeal and a tiny bit of eggs. I had to fill myself up for the long day of walking (and marching) ahead of us. We got to dland about 9:30 and rode a couple rides before it was lunch time.I had a light chicken salad and then we headed off to march! I always get pretty antsy before parades or performances, but I had a blast! We marched down main street to some disney songs and it was so awesome to see the pure enjoyment that the audience was having. Such a blessing and great opportunity to do something like that. The rest of Friday went fine, although I made the mistake of wearing my rainbow flipflops all day (if my feet could talk…they would have cursed me out). For dinner, my friend and I stopped at a little “restaurant” and I had tuna. The chips were my little treat to myself :)

The last bite of my tuna fell on the ground :(

OK, Saturday! For breakfast I had some yogurt, an apple, orange, omelet and coffee. The day was packed full of roller coasters, (tennis shoes:), pictures and some deliciousssss food! At lunch, we stopped at a place that I had heard had the best salads, but they were served in bread bowls. Am I the only one who thinks that is so American?? Anyway, dinner didn’t come till around 9, which was penne pasta kids meal with carrots apples and orange juice.

Sunday morning we left. It’s as simple as that. At lunch we stopped at subway, where I had turkey and ham on flat bread.

Long story [kind of] short, I had such an awesome weekend and it was definitely what I needed to finish the year strong!
xoxo lauren

P.S.  I had something very exciting happen to me today! I have been following a blog called Undressed Skeleton for the past year or so (what inspired me to live healthier in the first place!) and a couple days ago I commented on her blog. She responded to tell me she had checked it out! How cool is that?!

Asian Chicken Salad

Mariachi  band! :D

Yes… She ate the whole thing! What a stud.

Best friends forever!

My Saturday treat!

Indiana Jones ride!
Cinderella’s Castle
She loves nachos!!

Dinner Sunday night at home…first night eating outside! :)
I made dinner for my mom tonight: keep posted for the recipe


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