Decorative Dishes!

 Good afternoon! I hope you are having a splendid day. I have the next couple of days off, so I figured I would spend them blogging… it’s quickly becoming an addiction.
All that to say, beware. I have lots to say and I hope you are prepared :)

I am a sucker for cute looking food. By that I mean I cannot pass up the purchase of cute plates/bowls/mugs etc …you get the point. So I decided to share with you all some of my purchases over time, and brag a little about my addiction.

A section of our pantry is dedicated to “my” food choices. I try to keep it stocked all the time, because the food I keep there has a lot of my daily meals and food substitutes. Here are a couple of my dishes (check out the captions for more info) ALso forgive me for the disorganization, I’m still learning to blog!!


Glass Bowl… Specifically for grapefruit halves (with brown sugar:)
Above our oven
Grapefruit saver… festive much?

My lovely nalgene: decorating it was inevitable

Every baker needs colored measuring spoons…right?
Perfect for quick morning oatmeal (or to save for lunch)

Colored straws… ’nuff said
In love yet??

Add caption
Just another pointless purchase (but like I said, I can’t resist!)

Hot chocolate mug
A German mug a friend got me!
Old tea holder… perfect for spoons!


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