Salad Bar Overload!

So last night I had a swim meet (which went very well thank you!). My mom and I were heading home and decided to pick up some dinner .. Nothing looked very good… Until… WHOLE FOODS. I could go on for hours about how much I love whole foods! They have so many healthy choices and new things to try. Aaaanyways, we hit up their salad bar which has so many delicious choices, I admit I get a little crazy when I think about all the possibilities :) my salad consisted of:
Mixed greens
Black beans
Kidney beans
Cottage cheese

I’m sure I sneaked a couple other things on there, but I can’t remember! All I know is that it was soooo good, and my body thanked me for treating it well :)

Also, I threw some Asian noodles, a veggie egg roll and some summer quinoa in another container. I was dying to try all three and I totally earned it from my meet!

I bought some electrolyte water to heal my muscles from my races as well. The checkout lady asked me if I was a swimmer and how I did at my meet… Def made my day that much better. People can be very friendly sometimes.



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